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Mayor Michael's Policy

Action not just words


As Mayor of Unley our Council is delivering and when we fall short I share the truth. All Residents of Unley own their Council.  We all pay for our Council by rent or rates. We choose the Council to set the budget, the policies and all programs. We employ our CEO and set KPI's to ensure the delivery of our programs and the control of expenditure. 


The policies and strategies you can find by pressing the policy buttons. Implementing the policies requires new approaches... repeating the failures of the past will only repeat the failure..


We need to continue to:

  • implement the policies.

  • achieve the targets we have set.

  • Since my election in 2006 I have fought to set a fair rate first and cut our cloth to fit. The graph below tells the story of action, not just words.

Rates 98-2023.png


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