Chaos Corruption and $$$

I am pleased to have been appointed to be one of four Mayors and CEOs across SA to be a member of a small group to advise the Minister of Local Government on reform.

We have been asked to discuss potential local government reform with the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government, and to provide the Minister with advice on reform options and their implementation. You may have issues that are important to us all and I would be very glad to have these.

You will note that after we meet on Tuesday the discussions will be confidential. “It is understood that participants may express their personal views, based on their experience in local government, and that these views may not be the views of their council.”

Local Government is in need of reform and ideas I some had already submitted are on my webpage in the policies. I would welcome your ideas for reform. I had prior to this appointment submitted my ideas on rate capping, and changes to the act.

Visit my policies and the more policies and click onto the

and you will see my 2018 ideas for change from regulations, code of conduct and rates

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